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Aerostar Tactical UAS (TUAS), one of the most efficient and cost-effective systems of its class, and a  world-leading tactical UAV system.

To date, it has logged over 250,000 operational flight hours flying missions worldwide (operational in 4 continents). The performance and reliability of this combat-proven system are unprecedented in the UAS industry.

Aerostar TUAS is equipped with advanced, proprietary components developed in-house at Aeronautics: the flight control system (FCC) and the control software.

Key features and capabilities

  • Optimal performance-to-platform size ratio
  • Large payload bay, supporting multiple payloads
  • Highly reliable fuel-injection engine
  • Accurate GPS/INS navigation and targeting
  • Navigation in GPS denied zones
  • Extended range, supported by fully directional datalink
  • Automatic Take-Off and Landing (ATOL) capability
  • Range of programmable autonomous flight modes
  • User-friendly and intuitive control interface
  • LAN based GCS, C4I compatible
  • Built in flight & mission Simulator
  • Fast turn-around-time between sorties
  • Easy maintenance and small logistics footprint

The Aerostar is equipped with a large payload bay, and carries
several types of payloads, including advanced, stabilized EO/
IR sensors, Laser designation, Synthetic Aperture Radars
(SAR)\GMTI, various electronic intelligence sensors (COMINT,
ELIINT) and other advanced payloads. This capability is
accommodated through the flexible control architecture.


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