Yoav Har-Even


Moshe Elazar

Deputy CEO & COO

Eitan Tchwella

CMO & Sales

Matan Perry


Shachar Kur


Shahak Moshe

VP Business Division

Gilad Landsberg

VP Israel Marketing

Tzach Volochiansky

VP Human Resources

Yaara Zemach Sarfatty

VP Business Division

Menahem Yanku

Chief Legal Officer

Dror Negbi

Chief Compliance Officer

Lior Eldar

Company History


Since its foundation as an Israeli hi-tech incubator and technology startup, Aeronautics has grown to become a world leader in the field of UAS-based defense and security. Among our achievements were the first ‘pay per view’ UAS outsourcing service awarded by the IDF in 2000, fielding Mini UAS in maritime applications, the introduction of the Small Tactical UAS category with Orbiter 3 in 2009, and the conversion of general aviation aircraft (DA42) into a Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drone in 2011.





Aeronautics Ltd.

Aeronautics Ltd.