One-Stop Shop = Full Control

Aeronautics, the leading company of the Aeronautics Group is mastering all the technologies that are critical for its operations under one roof, offering customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for all applications employing unmanned systems. This unique advantage gives Aeronautics the expertise, the flexibility and technological capabilities to provide its customers with innovative, and customized solutions.

Core Technologies and Competencies

Through our in-house R&D and subsidiaries, we maintain full control of core UAS technologies, leveraging a unique level of flexibility and independence.

Among those technologies are:

Turnkey Solutions
Our turnkey solutions address virtually any contemporary security challenge – whether in airspace, on land or sea – from protection of a specific asset to real-time aerial surveillance of operational missions.

In the area of services, Aeronautics provides high-level and in-depth training to its customers through its UAS academy, delivering courses and certification to UAS crews around the world.
Compliances and Standards
Committed to the highest quality and stringent industry standards, Aeronautics products and services comply with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 standards, and is in an advanced process of accreditation for AS-9100 standard.

Aeronautics platforms have Safety of Flight (SOF) approvals by the Israeli Air Force and certificates issued by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA). Additionally, Aeronautics unmanned platforms are registered in the U.S. and fly in the United States National Air Space under FAA Certificates of Authorization (COA).


Compliances and Certifications




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Aeronautics Ltd.