Systems Overview

With our proven expertise in the field of unmanned aerial systems, we offer complete solutions based on vertically integrated subsystems developed and produced in-house.
Through rapid prototyping and efficient, open-architecture system design, we aim to meet the Customer’s unique requirements and operational environment and to affordably integrate a diverse range of UAV sensor and C4I components.



Our mature and combat-proven operational systems include:

  • Orbiter 1K Mini-UAS (MUAS)
  • Orbiter 2 Small-UAS (SUAS)
  • Orbiter 3 Small Tactical UAS (STUAS)
  • Orbiter 4 Small Tactical UAS (STUAS)
  • Aerostar Tactical UAS (TUAS)
  • Dominator XP (MALE UAS)
  • Skystar Aerostats

A new addition to our range is A VTOL platform:

      Pegasus 120 – Tactical VTOL UAS






The Orbiter UAS Family

The Aeronautics Orbiter UAS are operated by military, government and commercial operators worldwide. The Orbiter family, evolving since 2005, includes a number of electrically powered Mini UAS and Small Tactical UAS variants, designed for high performance, operational versatility, uncompromising reliability and robustness. Typical Orbiter missions include intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR).


The Orbiter UAS are mature, combat-proven systems, and are renowned for their performance and reliability.



Operating Range (km)
Payload Weight (kg)
Endurance (h)
    Orbiter 1K MUAS
Up to 2.5
    Orbiter 2 MUAS
Up to 4
    Orbiter 3 STUAS
Up to 7
    Orbiter 4 STUAS
Up to 24


Aerostar TUAS

Designed as efficient and cost effective Tactical UAS (TUAS), Aerostar integrates an efficient and robust platform with advanced avionics, datalink and payloads, designed, manufactured and supported by Aeronautics and its subsidiaries. To date, it has logged over 250,000 operational flight hours flying missions worldwide (operational in 4 continents). The performance and reliability of this combat-proven system are unprecedented in the UAS industry.


Dominator XP

Based on a proven, general-aviation certified platform, Dominator XP supports long-range, long-endurance surveillance missions performing a wide range of military or civilian missions, over land and sea. Carrying multiple payloads, this Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV serves as a strategic asset, providing comprehensive ISR missions at ranges beyond line-of-sight, carrying multiple-purpose payloads including EO, SAR, ELINT COMINT and photogrammetric.


Skystar Aerostats

The Skystar aerostats series includes the 180 and 300 models, providing the operator with a persistent, elevated view of an area under surveillance. The basic Skystar system consists of a tethered helium-filled balloon platform (blimp), a mission payload comprising a stabilized day/night electro-optical (EO) payload, and a tether that links the platform and payload to the ground control unit. The tether provides power and controls on uplink, and high-capacity video on downlink.


Skystar Model
Mission Type
Payload Weight (kg)
Endurance (ft.)
Tactical persistent surveillance
Medium range surveillance

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