Service is in our DNA

Aeronautics is committed to support each customer, ensuring that all systems and solutions are continuously operating and maintained. This commitment harnesses the entire company – UAV operators, integration engineers, field support agents, logistics, and UAS instructors – to provide the comprehensive support envelope our Customers expect. Responsive, flexible, and attentive to special needs, our teams deliver at the highest professional level.

The main services offered by Aeronautics are:


To support its customers and to guarantee smooth UAS operations, the Aeronautics Unmanned Systems Academy (known as UAV Academy) provides high-quality training programs for UAS Operators, Technicians, and Mission Commanders, based on vast operational experience and strategic knowledge.

Our tailored training programs use highly developed and proven methodologies for trainee selection, evaluation, certification, and proficiency maintenance.

Aeronautics also offers On-Job Training (OJT) programs as well as in-depth courses for specialized topics such as video image analysis and UAS communications management.
OJT - On Job Training
UAV Academy trainees gain practical experience and skills by performing training missions conducted by operational units. OTJ training integrates several modes of instruction, and includes software updates training, and resources such as manuals and course materials.
Outsourcing Services
We operate an outsourcing division for all mission control and operational services. Our teams are experienced in deploying systems at a very short notice, at any required location. Aeronautics made military history in 2002, as the first civilian contractor to carry out all-inclusive operational missions for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Since then Aeronautics has been outsourcing its visual intelligence (VISINT) services for field security to a number of customers, in Israel and abroad.
Field Operations
Where contractor support or ISR outsourcing is required, Aeronautics is ready to support Customers and deploy equipment worldwide. We deploy field teams or local support agents to assist operational teams or to provide services as part of turnkey project.
Flight Demonstrations
Aeronautics maintains a range of unmanned AISR systems for flight demonstrations worldwide. Such demonstrations take place as part of marketing activities, technical evaluations, field exercises, air shows, and special events.
HLS Solution Consulting
We support our customers with professional consulting and planning of HLS solutions. An analysis of an HLS project may include requirement reviews, site surveys, risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities, and an analysis of technical and environmental limitations. Based on a comprehensive report, a suitable HLS system solution is recommended.



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