Take Your Photography to New Heights with Drone Aerial Photography

Soaring through the bright blue skies, a drone captures breathtaking aerial views from angles never seen before. 


Drone aerial photography is taking the world of photography to new heights, allowing anyone to easily and affordably capture stunning overhead shots.


 Whether you’re a professional photographer or amateur hobbyist, drones open up an exciting new world of possibilities.


In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about drone aerial photography.


 You’ll learn how drones can elevate your photography, tips for capturing incredible photos and videos from the sky, and how to get started on your own aerial adventures. 


Strap in and get ready to take your photography to new heights!

FAQ: Answering Common Questions about Drone Aerial Photography
If you’re new to drones, you probably have a lot of questions.


 Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about aerial drone photography:

What are the benefits of aerial photography with a drone? Drones let you easily and cheaply capture unique top-down perspectives, revealing new angles of people, places, and objects.


 They enable you to photograph hard-to-reach or dangerous locations safely.

Do I need a license to fly a drone for photography? In most countries, you need to register your drone but don’t need a pilot’s license for recreational flight under 400 feet. Check your local laws.


How much does a photography drone cost? Hobbyist drones range from $500-$2000. Professional drones cost $2000+. You don’t need the most expensive drone to get great aerial shots.


What drone is best for photography? The DJI Mavic Pro 2 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro are top choices. Look for a 4K camera, gimbal for stability, and 20+ minutes of flight time.


Is aerial photography with a drone safe? Drone safety depends on the pilot. Fly responsibly, follow regulations, keep your drone within sight, avoid risky weather, and respect privacy.


The Powerful Perspectives of Drone Aerial Photography
Drones give photographers access to the bird’s eye view, providing fresh new perspectives that were once difficult or impossible to capture. 


Aerial photography allows you to showcase the big picture, capturing sprawling landscapes, large crowds, and sweeping cityscapes.


The view from above reveals patterns, shapes, and textures in fresh new ways.

 From geometric farms to winding rivers, overhead shots highlight often overlooked details. Interesting landscapes become works of art.


Aerial photography also lets you highlight the scale of large objects like stadiums, concert crowds, and buildings. It provides a sense of just how immense these subjects are.

Plus, drones enable you to photograph dangerous or hard-to-reach locations like mountains, forests, and tall cityscapes safely and easily. No need to charter a plane or helicopter!

Overall, the unique vantage point provided by drones takes photography beyond ordinary eye-level shots. 

Aerial views create visual storytelling opportunities that engage viewers in new ways.

5 Tips for Taking Jaw-Dropping Aerial Photos
Ready to start capturing stunning overhead footage? Here are 5 tips to take your drone aerial photography to the next level:

Pick the perfect time of day. 

The best light for aerial photography is often early morning or late afternoon when shadows are long and golden hour light is warm. Midday sun can be too harsh.

Look for interesting patterns and shapes. 

Compelling overhead photos leverage patterns like winding roads, patchwork fields, or repeating building shapes. Lead the eye through the frame.

Shoot on a clear day. Avoid wind and rain which jostle the drone. Opt for a calm, cloudless day to capture crisp unobstructed views from above.

Move the drone slowly. Gentle steady movements result in clearer, better composed shots compared to fast jerky motions. Take your time.

Change viewpoints. 

Don’t just go straight up and down. Capture subjects from multiple sides and angles to add variety. Creative positioning creates dramatic effects.

Following these tips will give you amazing aerial perspective and let you showcase the world in exciting new ways! The view from a drone reveals a fresh vantage on landscapes, cityscapes, crowds, and visual stories.

Diving Into Drone Aerial Cinematography

Drone aerial photography also opens up new possibilities for aerial cinematography and videography. 

Drones equipped with stabilizing gimbals and 4K video cameras make it possible to capture stunning stabilized overhead footage.

While aerial photography provides still shots, drones enable sweeping cinematic video sequences.

 Aerial cinematography is used for everything from Hollywood films to real estate promotion to news coverage.

Here are tips for capturing eye-catching aerial video:

Integrate movement: Capture moving subjects like bikes, boats, and cars from creative angles above, below, and alongside.

Reveal sequences: Use drone video to gradually reveal subjects like having the drone rise up over a hillside to showcase a town.

Incorporate people: Include people in wide overhead establishing shots to showcase scale and add visual interest.

Capture action: Follow moving subjects like surfers, race cars, or athletes with your drone for engaging video.

Add context: Use high, wide establishing drone shots to set the scene before transitioning to close-ups.

Advanced pilots even choreograph drone “dance” sequences with precision movements.

 But you don’t need to be an expert to take great aerial video. Just follow basic tips and let your drone give you a whole new cinematic perspective.

Getting Started with Drone Aerial Photography
Eager to start capturing your own overhead photos and videos but not sure where to begin? Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. Choose a drone

Select a drone with an integrated camera optimized for photography like the DJI Mavic 3, DJI Air 2S, or DJI Mini 2 which offer great value. Avoid cheap toy drones.

2. Register your drone

In the US, register drones over 0.55 lbs with the FAA. This assigns you a unique ID number to display on your drone.

3. Learn to fly

Practice flying your drone in wide open areas to master take-off, landing, and controls before progressing to photography flights.

4. Follow drone laws

Research rules in your area related to maximum altitude, airport proximity, privacy issues, and required permits.

5. Pick picture-perfect locations

Scout good spots for aerial photography like beaches, city skylines, parks, landmarks, and fields.

6. Play with perspectives

Explore low-angle, overhead, side, and moving shots to find angles that wow for each location.

And that’s it! Following these steps will get you off the ground and capturing stunning aerial photography and video in no time.

 The view from above offers limitless opportunities to showcase the beauty of people, landscapes, and storytelling moments.

One Photographer’s Aerial Journey

Sarah always loved photography, but felt limited by shooting from the ground. She dreamed of accessing the view from above but chartering planes or helicopters was too expensive.

 When consumer drones became accessible, Sarah knew she could finally capture the aerial photography she had imagined.

After months of research, Sarah purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and diligently learned how to fly safely. Once proficient, she scouted locations across her home state of Utah that would look amazing from the air.

Waking up at dawn, Sarah drove out with her trusty drone to the Great Salt Lake. As the pink and orange sunrise reflected across the shallow water, Sarah launched her Mavic 2 Pro. 

Adjusting the angle, she captured the lake’s beautiful abstract shapes and textures. Next, she flew over the nearby town capturing a unique perspective of the morning bustle of boats and cars criss-crossing the shiny wetland.

Over the next year, Sarah’s drone allowed her to photograph Utah’s majestic national parks, sweeping mountain ranges, and stunning canyons from angles never before possible. Her awe-inspiring aerial photography portfolio reflects the state’s diverse beauty in new ways.

Sarah’s story shows that drone aerial photography makes it possible for anyone to access astonishing new perspectives from above.

 Drones empower photographers to take their work to new creative heights!

Want To Capture Stunning Aerial Photography? 

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