Orbiter 2

Small footprint. Long endurance. Multi-sensor
Up to 3 hrs
13 KG
LOS up to 50 km
Max Speed
50 kts
Advanced EO Payload
Up to x80 (x40 optical + x2 digital)

Orbiter 2 Mini UAS: Combat-proven, fixed-wing, electric system with Group 2 ISR capabilities for defense, maritime, and HLS. Offers superior performance, unmatched mission versatility, and operational flexibility in challenging weather conditions with a small logistics footprint.

Applications & Payload

    • EO/IR with Laser pointer 
    • Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)
    • Communications Intelligence (COMINT)
    • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
    • Electronic Warfare (EW)
    • Communication Jammer
    • Built-in user payload capability for future integration

Main Features

    • Superior ISR performance suited to a variety of missions 
    • Increased payload capacity and variety 
    • Advanced image processing capabilities – Onboard tracker, ATR, VMD
    • Enhanced digital datalink – long LOS range | relay | AES-256 | hopping 
    • Advanced flight control & precision navigation system (including in GPS-denied areas)
    • Operability in harsh weather conditions, under-cloud base
    • highly transportable | rapid assembly & turnaround
    • Upholds airworthiness standards – CAAI, STANAG 4671 and 4609


Aeronautics offers an array of Sensors among them:
  • EO/IR
  • EW
Aeronautics offers an array of communication solutions, among them:
  • LOS
Takeoff Landing
Take-off and Landing options


13 KG
3 m
0.9 m
Maximum endurance
up to 3 hrs
LOS up to 50 km
Payload weight
up to 1.8 kg
Maximum Speed
50 kts
Advanced EO Payload
Up to x80 (x40 optical + x2 digital)
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