Your Edge In The Field

We offer complete field-proven unmanned aerial systems. Through efficient, open-architecture system design, we tailor our systems and solutions to meet our customers’ unique requirements and affordably integrate a diverse range of UAV sensors and C4I components.

Aeronautics -uas

Tactical Family

Multi-mission performance for diverse defense, maritime, and HLS applications.

Tactical light weight, flexible.

Loitering Munition

A Class 1 loitering munition UAS, that provides extraordinary operational advantages for its category.

MALE Family

A reliable, cost-effective, multi-mission solutions boasting operational flexibility and superior ISR capabilities.


Fully-autonomous tactical platforms support mission planning and monitoring, with hovering capability to provide reliable, real-time situational awareness.

Aeronautics -uas Unmanned Aerial Systems

Ground Segment

Advanced/ Full ground control and communications features to meet all scenarios.

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