Orbiter 5

Up to 25 hrs
75 kg
LOS up to 120km with two LOS simultaneously
Max Speed
70 kts

The Orbiter 5 UAS platform enables a new paradigm in UAS mission performance by providing MALE mission capabilities in a Tactical UAS solution.

The result is a high performance, extended range, multi mission, multi payload, and all in a cost-effective tactical category solution. The Orbiter 5 will revolutionize how ISTAR mission implementation will be performed both on the tactical and strategic levels. The orbiter 5 was designed to enable fast mission preparation time and simple assembly in the field including the ability to launch multiple platforms in a matter of minutes

Applications & Payload

    • Multi Payload capabilities
    • EO/IR with Laser pointer/rangefinder/designator
    • AI Capabilities
    • Communications Intelligence (COMINT)
    • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
    • Electronic Warfare (EW)
    • Maritime Patrol Radar (MPR) &Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Main Features

    • MALE capabilities in a cost effective tactical system
    • Extended endurance (25 hours) carrying multiple payloads for long ranges
    • High power to weight propulsion ratio enabling to deliver significant electrical power (600W) to payloads
    • Assortment of different payload types (25 Kg) operating simultaneously
    • Fully redundant avionic system with high level of safety
    • 11 HP engine with fuel injection and dual ignition
    • Advanced Navigation system | fully operational in GPS-denied areas
    • High survivability
    • Operational in adverse weather conditions
    • Autonomous flight and recovery modes
    • Integrated secured data link
    • Runway-independent – no permanent infrastructure needed
    • Single tool assembly, fast deployment – Operational and Maintenance flexibility
    • Small logistic footprint | highly transportable | rapid assembly & turnaround
    • Fast Integration and Adaptation to customer requirements


Aeronautics offers an array of Sensors among them:
  • EO/IR
  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT)
  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • AI Capabilities
Aeronautics offers an array of communication solutions, among them:
  • LOS
Takeoff Landing
Take-off and Landing options


75 kg
6.4 m
2 m
Maximum endurance
up to 25 hrs
LOS up to 120km with two LOS simultaneously
Payload weight
up to 25 kg
Maximum Speed
70 kts
Electrical power available for mission and payloads
600 Watts
dual avionic system and 11 HP engine with dual ignition
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